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For nearly a decade, companies and clients throughout the country have looked to THE REID EFFECT PRODUCTION STUDIOS for creative vision and unique productions. And THE REID EFFECT always delivers. By infusing finely-tuned story telling structure with cutting edge, high definition technology, THE REID EFFECT creates extraordinary content resulting in true magic for our clients. Whether it is a 30 second local television spot or a 30 minute national TV pilot, THE REID EFFECT produces innovative, award-winning media that builds brands and exceeds expectations.

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4 tips to Rock the Interview

As a producer, I’m quite often in the position of interviewing an on-camera subject. ┬áSometimes I’m working with a professional who can knock it out of the park no matter how good a job I do at interviewing. ┬áBut more often the on-camera talent takes their cues from me. I have found over the years […]Read Full »

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